East Slope Design Review Guidelines and Procedures

The East Slope Design Review Board was established in 1986 by order of the San Francisco Supervisors.  For building projects within the East Slope Design Review Area, a letter of recommendation from the Design Review Board is required before the San Francisco Planning Department will accept any permit application.

“The East Slope of Bernal Heights occupies a special place in the hearts of its
residents. To those who would join us, we extend a cordial welcome and ask that
they develop their properties and create their homes in such a way as to preserve and
enhance the qualities inherent to this special place. It is anticipated that these
guidelines will encourage builders to design homes responsive to
the unique character found on the East Slope.”-Bernal Heights East Slope Guidelines, pg.1

At the discretion of the San Francisco Planning Department, very small projects (generally less than 160 sq. ft.) do not need to move through the East Slope Design Review Board. Please call the San Francisco Planning Information Counter at (415) 558-6377 to verify that your property is within the East Slope Design Review Area.

Because of decreased construction activity, this Design Review Board only meets on a project-by-project schedule. The Board accepts nominations for new board members yearly, usually in the spring. Fliers detailing the membership-process are sent out in the spring to all houses within East Slope Design Review Area.

Terry Milne, Chair
321 Rutledge Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Resources from the San Francisco Planning Department:
Download the East Slope Design Guidelines
View Bernal Heights SUD planning code Sec. 242