Northwest Bernal Heights: Design Guidelines and Review Procedures

The Northwest Bernal Heights Design Review Board (NWBH/DRB) is a legally constituted volunteer neighborhood organization, created to monitor new construction and improvements to existing residential properties in the subject area and to advocate and ensure design compatibility for all such projects. Members are elected to the board by annual ballot at an advertised, regular meeting of the NW Bernal Alliance, The NWBH/DRB has been in existence, functioning as an essential part of the building permit application process for NW Bernal Heights, since 1976.

The NWBH/DRB evaluates a proposal’s conformance with its surroundings using published criteria such as Planning Code section 242, the Bernal Heights Special Use District and the Elsie Street Plan, taking input from interested neighbors and attempting to resolve potential conflicts early in the design process, and makes recommendations to the San Francisco Planning Department (PD). Final authority rests with the PD.

The Northwest Bernal Heights Design Review Board (DRB) meets on Wednesday evenings as necessary to review projects. Meetings are held at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center at 515 Cortland Ave. starting at 7:30 PM. To get your project on the agenda, contact a representative of the DRB.

Brandon Powell, Acting Chair
32 Aztec Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Resources from the San Francisco Planning Department:
Download the Northwest Bernal Heights Informational Packet
Download the Elsie Street Plan

View Bernal Heights SUD planning code Sec. 242