Your Home – Designing For Real Life

Floor to ceiling windows are a common request among people building their dream homes in Lake Tahoe and Truckee. Everyone wants to incorporate the stunning natural beauty of the landscape.  Doug Gendron of California Craftsmen noted, “I had customer order …

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Liquefaction is when soil or sediment loses its structural rigidity and behaves like a liquid. The energy of an earthquake can cause this to happen and it will quickly render a typical typical concrete foundation useless in supporting and resolving …

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Oakland Craftsman, In Progress

Several months ago we began working with a young couple expecting their first child.  They had recently purchased an outdated craftsman style house in Oakland, CA.  The couple was looking to turn their purchase into an investment for their growing …

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Will design for Kibble

Please meet the newest addition to the AMK group, Gus.

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Is a New Mortgage in Your Future? Advice from an Expert Mortgage Consultant

Are you considering purchasing a home in Northern California? Mortgage rates are predicted to rise on a 30 year fixed to about 5% by the end of the 2013. Purchase your new home now!

The following is an interview with …

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Irrigation: Ins and Outs

Water will be always be an issue in California and landscape irrigation is one use that can be greatly reduced. Will it be greatly reduced? This is something...
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Rainwater Harvest Systems

California is going on its third year of very little rainfall and snow pack.  The state has already passed a law (AB 1881) to reduce the amount of residential water use.  If you drive down highway 5 you see empty …

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Residential Irrigation Management

Our most precious resource is water but here in the United States we take it for granted. We continue to use clean drinking/bathing water for every aspect of our lives. Here in CA we are in a drought. A law …

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