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Imagine getting to your apartment taking out your iphone and hitting a Home button, your house lights turn on; your climate control goes to your favorite comfort level, your favorite music track starts and your window treatments open, is this really possible?

According to a study conducted in Q2 2008 by Nielsen Mobile, the iPhone 3G had the biggest impact in San Francisco and New York. Nielsen Mobile measured a 2-month change in AT&T ports of 137% in San Francisco and 183% in New York for June and July, outpacing the industry average of 113% over those same two months.
Are you one of those people who now use an iphone, with all its marvelous applications? If so, then you are also carrying a remote that can control your Lutron, Crestron, and Kaleidescape systems.
Now all you need is the Systems right? What are those systems that everyone is talking about?, Lutron, Crestron, and Kaleidescape you see their ads on all the top magazines.

Lutron controls Artificial light:
Lutron can control any source of lighting that your Lighting Designer may dream of, and powered by a HomeWorks P5 processor Wired to the interwebs you can access your light switches through your laptop or any Smart phone and of course the iphone.
Natural light:
Lutron can dim or block out natural light coming through your windows, doors, and skylights. And powered by a HomeWorks P5 processor wired to the interwebs you can control your shades or if you prefer you can let autopilot take control, monitoring temperature and solar orientation, and the window treatments will be controlled to protect your rugs hardwood floors and valuable art work.
Crestron Controls Everything.
By replacing your thermostat with a Crestron RF thermostat and powering that with a Crestron processor series 2 wired to the interwebs you can enable your climate system to know when you are home and when you are away and change the level of comfort accordingly, to be the most efficient. Not to mention that now you will be alerted via email when one or more of the zones in your home gets beyond a certain temperature, saving valuables through your home, fabrics, art work, electronics etc.
Now let’s talk Entertainment, by connecting your Crestron processor to your flat screen TV, media server “Kaleidescape”, Blu Ray player, DirecTv & amplifier/receiver, you are now able to control your media from a push of a button via your sleek touch panel (aka iPhone). By doing so you have just eliminated about (5) remote controls and made the ever popular iPhone 5x’s more of a necessity. So instead of turning on (5) devices and setting them to the right settings, just pull out your new best friend and push (1) button and achieve the same results. Also now you have a cool GUI vs. boring buttons, and another “one up” application to show all your friends, and yeah they will be impressed….insert Supervillain laugh here.
Security/Access Control:
Integrating the Security&Access Control systems into the home is the most gratifying part of this experience. The feeling of being able to view your security cams and allow/deny access to different areas of your home, from the comfort of any touchpanel and or, you guessed it iPhone. View old feeds from the DVR, delete them if desired and set new ones. Receive an email that someone has entered the home, log onto your network, view cams, find the perpetrator, take their picture, lock them in the room, and inform the police where exactly they are in your home….insert even more Supervillain laughing here, because now the police will be impressed.

With new RF technology all this is more affordable than you may think. Lutron is now providing an Economic Stimulus Program, from now until December 31, 2009. All Lutron Homeworks Wireless products are 25% off list price.

Crestron just announced pricing, specs for low-cost Prodigy home control system.
It starts at about $825, with a typical whole-house system costing about $5,500 — a good price for the mass market.

Kaleidescape has developed their new Mini System which is less than half of their original.

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    The technology is flying very fastly.I’m very much eagerly waiting for that kind of 3G iphone.But this will make people lazy. I think the price may be high.

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    Really very interesting technical stuffs learnt about the iphone 3g. The various features present, everything explains it.

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    Yes now the technologies are growing faster and familier in peoples. Now the children also very intersted in PC’s and Iphone etc.,

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    A great and informative article.I was actually not aware that an iPhone can control Lutron, Crestron, and Kaleidescape systems.I also liked the brief explanation you have given about each of these three systems.Thanks for imparting such valuable information.

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    Yes now the technologies are growing faster and familier in peoples.

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