“-quote by John G.” Installation by Sieglinde Van Damme


Architect Mason Kirby Inc recently commissioned Sieglinde Van Damme to prepare an installation in the window of our new office space in Bernal Heights.

Conceived as a subtle creative disruption of your Bernal Heights neighborhood walk, “-quote by John G.” plays on the economic downturn and the call for individual action to move forward. The actual quote by John G. depicted withing the imagery of the video reads: “there is a credit crunch, not a creativity crunch”. The mural itself represents an abstract representation of those same words while visually describing both the recent/current economic chaos, as well as the necessary chaos as a feeding ground for creative thinking.  In response, the quote on the floor reads: “Like the economy, individual guts is ready for a comeback”.

The video can be seen in person in San Francisco (see info below), or on Sieglinde’s homepage at : http://www.studiosieg.com/

“-quote by John G”, 2009, installation with mural, video and text 301 Bocana Street @ Cortland, San FranciscoThrough May 31, 9am – 11pm daily

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Sieglinde is a visual artist living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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