Moultrie Street Renovation – Part I

Currently in the midst of construction, the project at 285 Moultrie Street is an excellent example of a typical Bernal Heights remodel – something we at AMK Inc are very familiar with. In addition to digging out and finishing the basement to add another level of habitable space for an expanding family, the owners are adding a new dormer on the upper floor to allow for an additional bathroom and expanded closet space. Especially in Bernal Heights, which is designated as its own “Special Use District” by SF Planning Code Section 242, building vertically (in both directions) is often a more accessible option than building a rear addition in order to expand a modest home.

We will be posting a series of photos documenting the construction process of this project, beginning with these photos of the new dormer framing & initial basement work, for your viewing pleasure & neighborhood edification.

Here you can see the framing going up for the new dormer.

In this interior shot, both the new dormer framing and the old roof framing is visible, giving an idea of how the new space will fit into the existing building.

Several structural concerns were addressed as part of this job, including the ridge beam connection, pictured here, as well as the addition of new, larger concrete footings for posts in the basement.

One more photo of the dormer framing from even more recently.

Moving to the basement level, this photo shows the main support beam overhead, and the rebar reinforcements ready to have concrete poured over them to form new post footings, necessary to support the new dormer above.

Another view of the soon-to-be footings, with the new post bases visible and an existing foundation wall in the background.

Looking from the street side of the basement toward the rear, piles of rubble and wood from demolition work pile up. In the background where people are standing will be the location of new stairs to the backyard.

This photo shows the demo work for aforementioned stairs to the rear yard, looking toward the front of the house from the rear. In the foreground is an existing concrete patio which was partially broken up, and in the middle ground you can see where the concrete foundation wall had to be cut into to allow for through access.

Stay tuned for an update next week as things really take shape!

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