Client Wanted: Polka-Dot Aga

Putting the fun in FUNctional we’ve recently come across Emma Bridgewater’s design for a line of Aga stoves called the Rangemaster. It’s a bit of a Brit retro two-fer: the iconic British cast iron cooker has been “updated’ by adding an iconic British suit of multi colored/toned Polka Dots. Surprisingly, the range was first patented in 1922 but Polka Dots date all the way back to the 1870’s. All that’s needed now is an updated 2011 price tag and a client. We’ve learned that it goes for a cool 9,999 quid–get one for that price and we’ll be all yours too.

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About the Author
Mason Kirby is an architect practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.
  1. David HM Spector

    I’ve always lusted after an Aga stove… but if I recall correctly you need to keep it ON all the time, who can afford to run one?

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